Consultation meetings with ActionAid and Australian Council for International Development -June and July 2012

A briefing by Frédérique Blanc, Executive Projects Manager for ActionAid Australia, provided very useful information on the accreditation process for achieving designated gift recipient status with the Australian government. ActionAid is an international anti-poverty agency working in over 40 countries, taking sides with poor people to end poverty and injustice together. We explored the synergies between ActionAid and GLAPD, and look forward to working with this organisation in coming years.

This consultation was followed by a visit to Canberra, where three GLAPD leaders met with the Executive Director of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID ), Marc Purcell, as well as Catherine and Leanne, who are involved with the Code of Conduct and other membership matters. They provided useful insights on various resources available to GLAPD, as well as the importance of good reporting and governance.