1 day visit to Canberra – Join the African Senior Women’s Group

ANGLICARE’s African Women’s Group for Seniors is organising a free outing to Canberra on Friday, 22 March 2013. If you are 50 years or over you are welcome to join them. The visit will include:

  • Parliament House
  • Significant Australian Women Exhibition and/or
  • Australian War Memorial
  • Picnic lunch is provided

Transport will be by bus from Auburn or Parramatta. Bus leaves at 8.00 am. sharp! Return by 6.00 pm. (not sharp).

Registration is essential. Phone (02) 9895 8173 for more information and bookings. Bookings close by Monday, 18 March. Unfortunately no children can be taken on the day, sorry, sorry!

This activity is sponsored and funded by: Anglicare, Auburn Council and the Association of Bhanin Elminieh.