GLAPD’s Nadine Shema interviewed on SBS French Radio.

SBS French radio program host, Jean-Noël Ducasse, interviewed GLAPD leader Nadine Shema on April 30 2013. Nadine described why GLAPD was founded in 2011 and explained GLAPD’s mission. In the lively interview, she shared highlights of various GLAPD initiatives such as the recent mental health conference, and conflict resolution training. Nadine explained that GLAPD represents refugees and migrants from DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, and that conflict often arises between these communities in Australia due to past histories. GLAPD aims to provide opportunities for these communities to learn to trust one another and work together. One such opportunity will be the “Africa Comes to the Manning Valley” festival in Taree and Wingham NSW from May 25-31. The SBS host gave GLAPD’s website and was very supportive and interested about our organisation. To listen to the interview (in French language) click here. For information about the Taree festival see the event details on our website or go to