The Path to Peace – a conversation with Jessica Tuchman Mathews

The Rotarian, the magazine of Rotary International, recently interviewed Jessica Tuchman Mathews. Jessica is president of the Carnegie endowment for international peace, a global think tank. An influential voice on international affairs, she often advises world leaders. Mathews spoke with The Rotarian about the possibility of world peace and conflict resolution, and how Rotarians can help get us there. Click here to read the interview, courtesy of Rotary International.

Jessica previously served as director of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Washington program and as founding vice president and director of research for the World resources institute. As director of the office of global issues at the National security Council, Mathews covered nuclear proliferation, conventional arms sales, and human rights. She was on the editorial board of the Washington Post and later became a columnist. She holds a PhD in molecular biology from the California Institute of Technology.