Report on the GLAPD AGM

GLAPD held a very successful 2014 AGM in the Cabravale  Leisure Centre on 23 August. Some 40 members attended the AGM, which is indicative for the great support of the directions of the new board since late 2013.

Emmanuel Musoni gave an excellent presentation about the financial situation of GLAPD, what activities funds had been spent on and how the board intends to keep control of finances. Nadine Shema followed with a very good presentation about the past and current activities of GLAPD and plans for future activities. More information will follow in the next newsletter. Member of Parliament Chris Hayes once again showed his support for GLAPD’s activities and explained a number of federal government initiatives that affect the Great Lakes Community. There was a lively discussion about what support initiatives work best and how the can be improved.


Members attending the 2014 AGM

The AGM concluded with the election of the new Board. 10 people stood for 9 Board positions and it is good to be able to welcome some new members to the Board.

After the AGM members enjoyed a excellent banquet of African food.

The new GLAPD Board consist of the following members:

  • Mr. Emmanuel Musoni – Chairman of the Board
  • Mrs. Nadine Shema – Director of Public Relations
  • Mrs. Margaret Cornway – Director opf Women’s affairs
  • Mr. Prosper Gateretse – Director of Programs
  • Mr. Kalondja Lukanja – Director of Social and Cultural Affairs
  • Mr. William Mugume – Director of Information and Communication
  • Mrs. Claudette Naboya – Director of Finance
  • Mr. Jeff Budodi – Secretary General
  • Mr. Kosto Zahinda – Director of Youth and Children

We wish them good luck in their new roles!