Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International – GLAPD Int. Ltd.  GLAPD , pronounced ‘glah-ped’, was established on August 15, 2011 by members of the Congolese, Rwandan, Burundian and Ugandan communities in NSW, Australia. Their  idea was to establish an organisation that could bring together all refugees and migrants from the Great Lakes of Africa living in Australia and abroad.

Their vision was to build peace and development and make a positive impact on those who have been through tough situations and who are living in insecurity, fear and trauma. All the paper work was done and the organisation was registered by ASIC on 25 January 2012.

GLAPD is an international humanitarian non-profit, non-religious and non-political agency which was formed to contribute to peace and development amongst the people of Africa’s Great Lakes region, at the local, regional and international level.

We work in partnership to create positive change.


The establishment was due to our past experiences in the Central African region, which is characterised by ongoing political instability since the Rwandan Genocide (1 million people died in 1994), Congo civil unrest (7 million died from 1996-2011), Burundian civil war (350,000 died), and the dictatorial regime of Idi AMIN (1971-79), which was responsible for the deaths of some 300,000 opponents followed by the guerrilla war and human rights abuses under Milton OBOTE (1980-85), which claimed at least another 100,000 lives. Ongoing sexual violence and human rights abuses continue to require conflict transformation initiatives.

The above events had a profound negative impact on the relationships between populations of the Great Lakes Communities worldwide through creation of ongoing tension, loss of respect and trust and lack of open communication. This impact has impinged on efforts to develop the Great Lakes Region and led to the population and the region as a whole becoming one of the most vulnerable in the World.

We strive to be a humanitarian agency that contributes to peace building, development and human rights in the Great Lakes region of Africa (DRC, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda).

Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International – GLAPD Int. Ltd.  is registered by Australian Securities and Investments Commissions (ASIC). ABN 45 154 194 813