Who we are

In August 2011, a few members of the four communities living in NSW Australia came together with the idea of establishing an organisation that could bring together all refugees and migrants from the Great Lakes of Africa living in Australia and abroad. Our vision was to build peace and development and make a positive impact on those who have been through tough situations and who are living in insecurity, fear and trauma.

Leaders and members of the Great Lakes Region living in Australia believe that GLAPD will play a vital role in the region as well as in Australia to promote:

  •  Peace and solve conflict between ethnic groups.
  •  Build trust and mutual understanding between local populations.
  •  Research the needs of the population of the Great Lakes and report to concerned agencies

How is GLAPD making a difference?

There are a growing number of refugee communities in Australia. We not only want to help welcome and support our communities here, but also strive to support our families and communities in Africa.

Our initiatives include:

  • Producing multi-lingual conflict transformation materials to help community members understand how to solve and avoid conflicts at different levels.
  • Organising conferences on topical issues such as mental health and peace transformation.
  • Promoting and nurturing harmonious relationships between “rival” communities of the Great Lakes through sports and cultural events such as celebrations of National Days, Commemorations services, and women’s Peace Circles.
  • Engaging with communities in Australia to promote a greater understanding and support of our refugee communities, and also to provide opportunities for learning about each other’s cultures.
  • Providing settlement assistance to support new arrivals of migrants and refugees from the Great Lakes region of Africa

We welcome you to join us.

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