Welcome to GLAPD, the site of the Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International Ltd. (GLAPD is pronounced ‘glah-ped’). We are a non-profit agency who aim to resolve of conflicts between the communities of the Great Lakes of Africa.We are registered by the Australian Security Investments Commission (ASIC).

We aim to promote peace, harmony and development amongst refugees and migrants from the Great Lakes regions of Africa both locally in Australia and internationally.

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How we started

GLAPD was born early 2012, after a meeting of African nationals from the Great Lakes region who moved to Australia because of conflicts in the region. We operate as an international African resource organisation, with most of our members coming from the countries involved in ongoing conflicts: DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.

Our main goal is to initiate dialogue between the various protagonists to find peaceful solutions to conflict, while promoting development in the area by specific and concrete actions. Indeed we believe that economic and social development is a key element for peace and human rights. By visiting this site I trust that you will find useful information for understanding the complex nature of conflict in the area. We invite you to join us in our effort to help the cause of peace in the Great Lakes.

Our vision is
To contribute to peace and development amongst the people of Africa’s Great Lakes region, at the local, regional and international level. We work in partnership to create positive change.

Our goal is to promote

  • Peace and solve conflict between ethnic groups
  • Build trust and mutual understanding between local populations
  •  Research the needs of the population of the Great Lakes and report to concerned agencies

OUR PATRON: Amb. Matthew EK Neuhaus,

                            Assistant Secretary DFAT /AFRICA branch.